Download Dream Delusions!


At long last, Dream Delusions is finished and ready for download and your enjoyment! Head on to our Download page! Or just click here to download the file. But before you do, there’s a couple of things that you should know about:

There’s been some issues with character controls with certain PC-configurations (jumping working 10% of the time etc.). To fix this, activate the OVR-camera once in game and then disable it (press J twice). Then quit and start a new game. The reason of this is a mystery but this gets the controls working.


The game is compatible with an xbox 360 controller and Oculus Rift (press J to activate  Oculus Rift while Dream Delusions is running).

Recommended Systems requirments:

  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • 3.2 Ghz multi-core Processor
  • 2 GB system RAM
  • NVIDIA 8000 series or higher

That should be all, happy gaming!


Launch event photo gallery

We are happy to inform everyone that Dream Delusions’ launch event went off without a hitch! There were a lot of smiles, tons of laughter and some traditional Finnish awkwardness. The halls were packed with people wanting to play Dream Delusions. That or they were there for the free candy and juice, either way we are happy for all the attention we received and are super thankful for everyone who stopped by.

Speaking of attention; Yle, Finland’s national public-broadcasting company were also present with a camera crew to provide us with the certainly unexpected media coverage. Having your project on TV is pretty cool, in case you were wondering. Some of our team members and teachers were pulled aside for some quick interviews.

A bunch of different people got a chance to try out Dream Delusions, including our project godfather and an industry veteran Mikael Achren. There were some really young individuals in the audience, as you can see from the photos below. To have a some sort of idea of all the craziness that happended in Tikkurila that day, check out the gallery below, and once again a big thanks to all who payed a visit!

Dream Delusions in media

To our fortunate surprise our launch event of Dream Delusions attracted media. Yle, finnish public service media company, made an article about our game and we made it to the news. We’re more than happy to have gained visibility.

You can read the article (in finnish) here.


Folded Game Cover

Have you seen our awesome folded game cover?
Well, here it is:

Dream Delusions folded game cover - Front

Dream Delusions folded game cover – Front

Dream Delusions folded game cover - Inside

Dream Delusions folded game cover – Inside

I know, I know – the question on your lips now is:
“WOWZERS! Where can I get one of those!?”

Look no further, brave dream defender!
What you seek is right here.

You can print the cover here:
Dream Delusions folded game cover – FRONT

And if you want to make the cover look all pretty on the inside, you can print this on the other side of the paper:
Dream Delusions folded game cover – INSIDE

Also, here’s a video tutorial to help you fold the cover:

Someting about cut scenes

Sometime around the end of November, when all the props and animations were about to be finished, we realized that we would have enough time to make opening and ending cut scenes for the game. We decided to do just still images with no animation to save our precious time. Our Project Manager sketched the storyboards and then two (unfortunate) persons, who were done with their work, were chosen to paint these images for the final videos.


Storyboards for opening cut scene by Petri Liuhto


Storyboards for ending cut scene by Petri Liuhto

At first, the deadline wasn’t too realistic: One week. In one week we were supposed to been done painting 5 images for the opening, and 3 for the ending. For some people it might not be impossible, but we both weren’t the most experienced digital painters in the class. It goes without saying that we were anything but done by then. We got around another week to finish the pictures, but we had to meet that deadline since it was the whole game’s deadline.


Painting Process by Marie Kumpulainen


Painting Process by Anna-Saida Koskiluoma

That last week was a true deadline hell! With the power of coffee and coca cola, we suffered 9-12 hour school days and went home only to sleep. Not that we worked all the time. Hell no. We had to relieve stress by goofing around and adding photographs to our paintings, having over one hour coffee breaks and talking about stuff other than the project. Sometimes things looked bad, but we had to finish the pictures no matter what.

And we did! And we are more than happy with the outcome. Painting these with intense deadline was a fun little journey that taught us to love and hate Photoshop.


Few finished images from the opening cut scene by Marie Kumpulainen


Ending cut scene images by Anna-Saida Koskiluoma

Stages of character modeling and rigging

I first started my modeling process by drawing some reference pictures and setting them in to the 3d scene. The modeling of the character was rather quick since our character needed to have quite low polygon count.



After the modeling was done I started to work on the rig. We used an already existing Metropolia Scale Rig as a base for the Teddy Bear’s rig to speed up the rigging process though he needed a few extra joints to move his scarf and ears. After the rig looked alright I skinned the character and did all the textures he needed.



And here we have a finished character!